Use Case: Distributed TensorFlow on a Cluster of 1&1 Cloud Servers

Learn how the 1&1 Cloud Server platform can help support and expand your TensorFlow project. There are several use cases for running Distributed TensorFlow on a cluster of 1&1 Cloud Servers. Using a cluster allows you to increase training throughput by harnessing the computing power of multiple servers. Google also recommends using a cluster when dealing with a very large data set, or with very large models. [...]  

Use Case: Blogging Network with Shared Storage

This use case will explore the topic of using the 1&1 Cloud Server platform to easily create a network of blogging sites, one per Cloud Server. The user also wants all of the servers to be able to access the same set of image files on a shared storage volume. [...]  

Cloud Server Use Case: Software Development and Testing

The 1&1 Cloud Server platform provides quick deployment of servers with flexible configuration options, which makes it ideal for software dvelopment. In this use case we will explore how the 1&1 Cloud Platform can be a valuable tool for a software development and testing project with members working from multiple remote locations. [...]  

Cloud Server Use Case: Seasonal Capacity

The 1&1 Cloud Server platform is an excellent choice for websites and applications which need to scale in order to accommodate seasonal traffic. In this use case we will discuss how a user with a seasonal website can use 1&1 Cloud Servers to their advantage. [...]  

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