Use PHP and Curl to Work With CouchDB

Learn how to use CouchDB with PHP. Although MySQL is often considered the default choice when choosing a database for a PHP project, CouchDB is an excellent alternative option for many projects. [...]  

CouchDB Replication

Learn about using replication with CouchDB. One of CouchDB's core strengths is its replication functions, which allow you to easily synchronize two copies of the same database. The copies can exist on the same server, or on separate servers. [...]  

4 Steps to Improve Your CouchDB Security

CouchDB has no access restrictions by default, as it is designed to initially only be accessed from `localhost`. If you plan to expose CouchDB to the internet by binding it to your server's public IP address, we recommend you follow these easy steps to secure your CouchDB installation. [...]  

Use Futon to Manage CouchDB

Learn how to use Futon, the built-in web administration tool for CouchDB. Although you can manage CouchDB from the command line through its intuitive HTTP API, most people find that Futon is a much faster and easier way to interact with CouchDB. Futon is an easy, intuitive interface for creating and managing CouchDB databases and documents. Learn how to access and use Futon to manage CouchDB on your 1&1 Cloud Server. [...]  

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