Docker is the world's leading software platform for container services. Find resources and information on installing, running, and monitoring Docker on a 1&1 Cloud Server. [...]  

Configure and Manage a Kubernetes HAProxy Ingress Controller

Almost everyone who is deploying an application would like the app to be accessible to other people on the public internet. If you need to expose your Kubernetes services to the world, Ingresses are the way to go. At the time of this writing Ingress is only available in beta, so let's see the alternatives first. [...]  

Using your Docker compose file with Kubernetes

Learn how to use the Kompose tool to use Kubernetes to run an application defined in a docker-compose file. [...]  

A Sysdig + Kubernetes Adventure, Part 1: How Kubernetes Services Work

We recently released Kubernetes support for our open source visibility and troubleshooting tool, sysdig, and the feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive – so today I want to continue the technical discussion on Kubernetes by going through a few examples of advanced Kubernetes troubleshooting. In particular, I’m going to focus on Kubernetes services. [...]  

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