Upload a Website to a 1&1 Cloud Server with Linux

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After you have pointed a domain name to your new 1&1 Cloud Server with Linux, the next step of the initial setup is to upload a website to the server. Learn how to connect to the server to upload website files, and where to upload them.

For information on how to host more than one website on a Cloud Server, see our article Add an Apache Virtual Host on CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 16.04.


  • A 1&1 Cloud Server running Linux (CentOS 7 or Ubuntu 16.04) with Apache installed and running.
  • The root password and IP address or domain name for the server. To find this information, log into the Cloud Panel and select the server on the Servers section.
  • One or more domain names pointed to the server.

For information on how to set up domain name DNS, see the article Initial Setup: Point a Domain to a Cloud Server.

Note: Apache is installed and running on a Standard installation by default. If your server was created with a Minimal installation, you will need to install and configure Apache before you proceed.

How to Upload Files

For security reasons, plain FTP connections are blocked by default. If you have a preferred FTP program, set it to use SFTP or SCP to connect to the server.

If you do not have a preferred FTP program, WinSCP is a free, secure program for transferring files to and from your server.

Using WinSCP

Launch WinSCP. Click New Site to create a new server profile.

Upload a Website: New site

Open the File Protocol drop-down menu.

Upload a Website: File protocol

Select the SCP file protocol.

Upload a Website: SCP

Enter your server's IP address or domain name in the Host name field.

Do not include http://. Enter either the IP address ( or domain name (example.com).

Upload a Website: Hostname

Enter your username and password.

By default, the username is root. You can find the root password by viewing the server information on the Servers page of your Cloud Panel.

Upload a Website: Username and password

Click Save to save this profile.

Upload a Website: Save profile

Click Login to log in to the server.

Upload a Website: Save profile

You will connect to the server. The first time you connect, WinSCP will warn you about the new host key. Click Update to add the new key and continue.

Upload a Website: New host key

Files on your local desktop computer are shown in the left-hand pane. Files on the server are shown in the right.

Upload a Website: Connected

To transfer files from your desktop to the server, you can double-click the files or click and drag them over to the right-hand pane.

The Default Website

Each server has a default website set up as part of the initial configuration. This is what you will see if you visit the server's IP address in a browser window.

On a newly-created server, the default website will be an Apache welcome page. This verifies that the Apache web server is running correctly.

Upload a Website: Default Apache page

To override this web page, upload an index.html file to the default website folder, /var/www/html.


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