Improve Your Linux Server's Security in Three Easy Steps

After you have performed the basic security setup on a new 1&1 Cloud Server with Linux, it is considered "best practices" to install and configure a few essential security applications. Learn recommendations for three steps you can take to improve your Linux server's security. [...]  

Install and Use MySQL/MariaDB

Learn how to get started with the popular relational database MySQL/MariaDB. This quickstart guide will cover the installation of both, and an introduction to basic MySQL/MariaDB commands. [...]  

Basic Linux Server Security Measures

After creating a new 1&1 Cloud Server with Linux, there are several basic security measures which are recommended as "best practices." Learn what to do to lock down a brand new server, including installing Fail2Ban, securing the root SSH login, and more. [...]  

Three Cloud Panel Setup Tasks for New Accounts

When setting up a new server, there are three tasks you can perform from the Cloud Panel which many new users will find useful. Learn how and why to set up a Firewall Policy, Monitoring Policy, and Backup Manager. [...]  

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