Use Case: Bare Metal Servers

Learn use cases for the 1&1 Bare Metal server platform. These Bare Metal server scenarios include private resources versus resource sharing, integration into the Cloud Network and Cloud Panel, and flexible cost-efficient pricing model. [...]  

Create a Bare Metal Server

Learn how to create a 1&1 Bare Metal server through the 1&1 Cloud Panel. [...]  

Use a Monitoring Policy to Monitor Services on your Bare Metal Server

The 1&1 Cloud Panel provides a built-in Monitoring Center, which you can use to monitor services on your Bare Metal server. Learn how to create a monitoring policy to monitor services, and how to configure a policy to email and/or text you when a service becomes unavailable. [...]  

Install the Monitoring Agent on a Bare Metal Server with Windows Server 2016

In order to use the 1&1 Cloud Panel's Monitoring Center to monitor a Bare Metal server, you will need to download the Monitoring Agent from a URL and install it on the server. Learn how to install the Monitoring Agent on a Bare Metal server with Windows Server 2016. [...]  

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