Install a New OctoberCMS Theme

There are several ways to add a new OctoberCMS theme so that you can change the theme on your website. The easiest method is to create and attach an OctoberCMS Project ID to your site. This allows you to easily install and manage themes and plug-ins from the official OctoberCMS website repository. [...]  

Get Started With OctoberCMS on Ubuntu 16.04

Learn the basics of working with OctoberCMS, including how to create, edit, and delete a blog post, manage categories, create pages, and more. [...]  

Install OctoberCMS on Ubuntu 16.04

OctoberCMS is a free, open source content management system (CMS) based on the PHP programming language and Laravel web application framework. OctoberCMS is a favorite choice of developers because of its easy-to-manage templates, and its built-in version control system. Learn how to install OctoberCMS on a 1&1 Cloud Server with Ubuntu 16.04. [...]  

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