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The 1&1 Cloud Driver is a plugin for Docker Machine which allows you to automate the provisioning of Docker hosts on 1&1 Cloud Servers. The plugin is based on the 1&1 CloudServer Go SDK and Cloud API.

To view or contribute to this project, visit the GitHub repository.


The 1&1 Docker Machine driver can be installed either from source or from the GitHub Releases page. The driver allows you to create Docker hosts. You can specify the IP address, data center, firewall ID, and more. For more information on using Docker Machine, consult the official documentation.

Supported Versions

The 1&1 Cloud Driver supports Docker Machine version 0.5.1 or newer. Mac OSX and Windows users can install the Docker Toolbox package, which includes the latest version of Docker Machine.


Windows and Mac OS X users may install Docker Toolbox package that includes the latest version of the Docker Machine.


From a Release

The latest version of the docker-machine-driver-oneandone binary is available on the GithHub Releases page. Download the tar archive and extract it into a directory residing in your PATH. Select the binary that corresponds to your OS and according to the file name prefix:

  • Linux: docker-machine-driver-oneandone-linux
  • Mac OS X: docker-machine-driver-oneandone-darwin
  • Windows: docker-machine-driver-oneandone-windows

To extract and install the binary, Linux and Mac users can use the Terminal and the following commands:

sudo tar -C /usr/local/bin -xvzf docker-machine-driver-oneandone*.tar.gz

If required, modify the permissions to make the plugin executable:

sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-machine-driver-oneandone

Windows users may run the above commands without sudo in Docker Quickstart Terminal that is installed with Docker Toolbox.

From Source

Make sure you have installed Go and configured GOPATH properly.

To download the repository and build the driver run the following:

go get -d -u
cd $GOPATH/src/
make build

To use the driver run:

make install

This command will install the driver into /usr/local/bin.

Otherwise, set your PATH environment variable correctly. For example:

export PATH=$GOPATH/src/$PATH

If you are running Windows, you may also need to install GNU Make, Bash shell and a few other Bash utilities available with Cygwin.


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